Join Hub Zero

Hub Zero is just stepping into our second prototype in Manukau and we would love for you to join us!

How to become a Hub Zero Member

If you are looking for a space to come, chill out, create anything that you would like, and be a part of a growing community, then the hub has a space for you! We have a designated workshop space that is open for members to access Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you would like access at night or weekends, all you have to do is ask! Tara, our coordinator will be happy to work that out for you as well.

The different workshop spaces that we have at the hub are:

  • Sewing. We have an industrial sewing machine and overlocker. We have access to material, in our move, we gave away boxes and boxes and we are holding off getting more until we learn what our creators – you – would like! Once we know, we can get it 🙂
  • Carpentry. We have worked for over a year to collect a variety of tools. We can over 101 power tools and basic tools workshops and have access to some wood. We also have access to All Heart supplies and can upcycle any of their furniture!
  • Art. We have an assortment of supplies, including some paint, and random craft that we’ve collected. We would love to see you access it and get creating!
  • Connection. In the middle of all of our action, we encourage connection, come, hang out, grab a cuppa and share your dreams and aspirations. That how first steps are taken.

Have you got an idea or thoughts about how we could expand? Good! We want to hear about it!

We also offer:

  • Shop. To be able to sell the goods and services that we have created.
  • Meeting Space. A room that we can gather and meet in to run workshops or meetings.
  • Hot Desk Office. A room to sit down and work through the plans and activities we need to get going to succeed!

Get in touch with Tara (our Coordinator) to get involved today!

022 589 6604