Welcome to Hub Zero! We’re a Zero Waste Hub with a real difference, we help to create and build up Waste Based Social Enterprises in East and South Auckland.

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Hub Zero is on the move! We’ve moved from Panmure to Manukau! We’ve joined All Heart and will be sharing the shop, workshop area and have our own creation station that will be open to all in the community!

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Come right through past BP and Repco to the building at the back, look for the big All Heart signs and building, we’re in there! 

Building up social enterprises that prevent waste from ending up in landfill and creating new, upcycled products.
Hub Zero supports the growth of waste-based social enterprises to build up their capacity and capability to create good quality products or services to divert landfill, from conception, to prototype, to end product.
Along the way, we build up self esteem and confidence, connect like-minded people, provide opportunities for people to learn and support the development of sustainable structures for each groups own style of working. We support all different types of waste based social enterprises – from seedling ideas right through to strong organisations.
Hub Zero is run through a collective of different creators. We created our first prototype in July 2018, and are now launching our second prototype in August 2019.
The key activities that we have at our hub are:
  • Hub Zero Members – groups and individuals that are keen to start building their waste based social enterprises and have access to a space that is just for them to share between them. They will have a small storage space to place their resources when they’re not working and will have set times that they can access the use of the hub.
  • Shop – have upcycled products that have been created from waste.
  • Lounge – a chance to chill, connect with others, grab a cuppa and relax!
  • Office Space – All groups and community that are connected to the hub have access to using the office space that have hot desks for people to come, and get their work on.
  • Meeting Space – We’re excited to offer workshop space to help people talk rubbish, learn about upcycling, build up their skills and grow. This space is also open to anyone in the community to hire out for their activities. Part of this space, we have some carpentry tools, some sewing tools and machines and some art and craft tools and resources. We’re always on the look out for more!

Does this sound like your cuppa tea? Come! Share one with us!

Because Hub Zero is run as a collective, we work really hard to grow joint ownership between all of the partners involved. The backbone organisation for Hub Zero is Rākau Tautoko, with the support of Tāmaki WRAP who is currently holding the funds for the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki project we’re currently delivering on. 

We would like to thank The Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board for their contribution in funds to deliver the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Project.