Welcome to Hub Zero!

We were a collective that was based in East-South Auckland, who supported the development of Waste Based Social Enterprises. 

In 2020, in the middle of all the COVID19 Lockdowns, we were planning on building up our Waste Based Upcycling home based at All Heart Manukau with the support of Foundation North. However due to multiple complications – with the biggest one being that we needed to work with the community face to face to create that home –  we were unable to activate that plan and needed to pivot quickly with an alternative solution. We decided to pull in closer to All Heart and combine with their current repurposing project instead. We were very thankful to Foundation North for understanding the need to pivot, and also to All Heart for agreeing to merge. 

Together, All Heart and Hub Zero focused on creating one core Social Enterprise that would focus on one key Waste problem – MDF Boards. We employed local community members to upcycle MDF boards that were destined for landfill, and began to test out the creation of new products that could be sold through All Heart. And guess what? We did it! We created some amazing items, and it’s getting more and more popular. All Heart has now taken over this project and is remaining as the lead from here on. 

Check out the All Heart Website and latest blog post about our amazing work:

Click here for the article. 

All heart

If you want to visit our MDF Repurposing Workshop, come see it at All Heart! Go right through past BP and Repco to the building at the back, look for the big All Heart signs!

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The backbone organisation for Hub Zero was Rākau Tautoko.

We will continue to support All Heart and are their biggest fans!